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We specialise in gas solutions!

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We are licenced for both commercial and domestic installations, our prices are affordable and we ensure SANS compliance.

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Commercial Gas Installations

A gas installation on a property is categorised as a commercial installation when commercial activities are performed on that property.

Gas installations on a residential property where a commercial activity is undertaken, for example a nursery school or a B&B or a hairdressing salon, makes the installation a commercial one.

Commercial installations may only be undertaken by either a qualified commercial or qualified industrial gas installer, but not by a domestic gas installer.

Domestic Gas Installations

This is an installation on a property that is confined to private residential activities only and the installation may be undertaken by qualified commercial, industrial or domestic gas installers.

Gas Certificates of Compliance

Selling your property and need a gas certificate of compliance? We can issue one for you.

We specialise in off grid water heating solutions!

Heating water contributes around 30% to your monthly household energy usage. These are some of the ways you could reduce the amount of electrical energy used to heat water.

  • Convert your existing electric geyser into a solar system by attaching evacuated tubes or a solar panel.
  • Install a gas water heater.
  • Install a solar geyser.
  • Solar to gas - pre-heat your gas water geyser with solar heated water.
  • Install a heat pump.

Electric Geyser Conversion to Solar

Convert your existing high pressure electric water into a solar water heating system by attaching evacuated tubes or a flat solar panel.

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Solar Geyser Service and Repair

We repair and service most makes of solar geysers. If the system is an indirect system the anti-freeze should be topped-up annually.

We are the registered Solahart repair center in the Eastern Cape. Contact us to do your Solahart service or repair.

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Supply and Install Geyserwise Controllers

Consider using an intelligent controller for the management of your solar system to your best advantage from both an energy and economical point of view.

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We are a 'one stop' shop
providing the plumbing, gas and electrical aspects of the installation.

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Our Affiliations

Licenced PIRB Plumber Member of the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)
Member of IOPSA Member of the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA)
LPG Gas Safety Association Member of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa
LPG Gas Certified Installer Registered with the South African Qualification and Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCCG)