Domestic Gas Installations

Let us Install your Gas Appliance

We install all gas appliances: stoves, hobs, water heaters, fireplaces.

Heating water on gas hob

With every gas installation your safety is our concern.

Purchase gas appliances which have been tested and found to conform to the relevant SABS standard (SANS 1539).

Ensure that your gas installation is always in proper working order with regular maintenance and service checks.

If you suspect that your gas appliance is unsafe turn off the appliance immediately and do not use it until it has been checked by a registered installer. Open all the doors and windows to air the room and ensure you have shut off the gas supply at the control valve.

We are registered to do LP Gas and Natural Gas Installations

  • Installations are done to the SANS 10087-7 standards.
  • Installations carry a certificate of compliance
  • We do both domestic and commercial installations.
  • We are licenced plumbers and are qualified to do the plumbing as well. No extra plumbing costs.
  • You supply the unit and we do the installation.

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You don't pay extra for plumbing - its included in the price

Components of a Gas Installation

Low pressure regulator which regulates the flow of gas from the gas bottle.

A high-pressure pipe called a pigtail to connect the regulator to the bottle.

Piping for the reticulation of the system. This could be either copper, high density polyurethane or trac pipe.

Pipe fittings to connect the pipes.

Shut-off valve to switch the gas flow off.

Gas cages for the storage of the gas bottles.

Required safety signs..

And the gas bottles?

Place your gas bottles on a level concrete slab. They are filled with gas in liquid form which needs to convert to a gas, the valve is placed at the top to make sure only gas reaches it. If the bottles are not on a flat surface they won't work properly.

Choosing the bottle size depends on how often you want to replace them. Larger consumption gas appliances need larger bottle sizes. A "change-over" can be used to enable the switching between bottles when one bottle is empty.

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