Hot Water on Demand

Only use energy when you turn the tap on!

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Dewhot gas water heater

Instantaneous gas water heaters work by heating water as it passes through the unit. So you only use energy when you turn the tap on. This process makes gas water heaters an extremely energy efficient system, as it only heats water when required.

We supply and install Atlas, Rinnai and Paloma Gas Geysers. Alternatively, purchase your own geyser and we will install it.

Gas water heaters are rated litres per minute (l/min). This refers to the flow rate that the unit will heat the incoming water temperature up by 20 deg.

There are a number of factors which will influence the type and size of geyser which will best suit your needs.

Types of Gas Water Heaters.

There are two types of gas water heaters.

One that doesn't require any electrical connection and is available in various sizes, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16lt/min. These units have a battery ignition system. This type is very simple and has a fixed burner flame so the water temperature will vary with the rate of water flow from the tap. They generally have limited flow rates of up to about 16 litres per minute and are suitable for low demand applications. The flame is ignited when the hot water tap is opened. A battery is required to ignite the flame. Requires a minimum of 250 kPa water pressure to work

One that has a forced exhaust system. This is an electronically controlled system that requires 220v to work. The electronic controls vary the flame size to deliver water at a constant preset temperature and fans that improve the combustion efficiency. The output temperature can be set with a digital control panel that is installed inside the house. These types of units are used for larger consumptions of hot water.

Gas Water Heater Flow Rates

The flow rate equates to the amount of water you'll need heated at one time.

Gas Water Temperature

Water temperature is determined by the kilowatt capacity of the heating unit, the water flow and the temperature of the incoming water. The water temperature depends on the volume coming out of the tap . If you turn on the tap only enough for a trickle of water, it will be cold. If you open the tap further, you will trigger hot water—the hottest you’ll ever get. If you open the tap to its maximum, the temperature will drop.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gas Water Heater

Make sure your storage heater is set to the correct temperature and not overheating the water as this wastes energy. The temperature should be set no higher than 50 degrees Celsius. It makes no sense to expend energy heating water and then cooling it by adding cold.

One way to improve the efficiency of your hot water system is to insulate the hot water pipes if you can, to reduce energy wastage through heat losses from the pipes. This is especially important if you have hot water pipes longer than a few metres.

Not happy with your shower water flow?

Consider changing the showerhead to suit the gas water geyser flow. Restricted flow showerheads are a good option.

How can I stop the wind blowing the flame of my gas water heater out?

Fit a flue pipe and a cowl. You could also protect geyser behind a weather proof box.

What does "fan-assisted" mean?

In order to squeeze higher kilowatt output and a higher efficiency ratio out of the units, the top end models make use of an electrical fan (160W) to premix the gas and air in the combustion chamber.