Geyserwise - Smart Controller for your Solar Water Heating System

The Geyserwise controller allows you to be in control of your solar water heating system or your electric geyser.

It is an intelligent controller for the management of your solar system to your best advantage from both an energy and economical point of view and performs as the hub of the whole system.

With a Geyserwise controller you can:

  • View the temperature of your water at all times.
  • Set the electricity for heating at times convenient to you.
  • On very cold days you can switch over to electricity to heat the water to temperature required.
  • Set the geyser to holiday mode when the geyser is not required.

In addition the Geyserwise provides:

  • Element failure detection.
  • Leaking hot water pipe detection.
  • Scale build-up detection.
  • Probe-failure detection.