Imported Solar Water Heating Systems

Model Solahart Nobel Hyperion
Manufactured Australia Greece
Collector The high efficiency black polyester powder coated absorber maximises the transfer of available solar energy, while the low iron content distributes evenly across the panel. The tempered glass ensures hail resistance. Made of naval aluminium alloy, rich in magnesium. High density, eco-friendly thermal insulation achieved with a 60mm thick layer of prepressed rockwool with a covering of black glass fabric. Solar glass tempered with low iron.
Tank Double ceramic lined. The cylinder is insulated by a durable marine grade aluminium case, featuring pressure injected, high density and environmentally safe (CFC free) polyurathane foam. Cold rolled steel with a double internal layer of enamel. Insulated with high-density, expanded polyurethane to ensure minimum heat loss.
Coupling Closely coupled. Closely coupled or split system.
System Indirect system. Indirect system
Water Circulation Thermosyhon. Thermosyphon.
Moving Parts No moving parts. No moving parts if thermosyphon. Pumped systems use either a 12V circulating pump powered by photovoltaic collector panel, or 220V circulating pump. Geyserwise controller required for circulating pump.
Anti-Freeze Lifetime, top up only. Solahart's Hartguard fluid eliminates the risk of the collector plate corroding or clogging from the inside. Replace every 18 months. Glycol.