Off-The-Grid Water Heating Solutions

Two Solar Geysers Connected in Series

Solar geysers connected in series

This is a pre-feed configuration. The one geyser supplies the house with hot water. When this hot water is utilised, the geyser which supplies the house will be fed with hot water from the other solar geyser connected in series. This means that the house will be fed with double the hot water capacity.

Electric Geyser Converted to Solar

Electric geyser converted to solar

This is called a retrofit. Instead of the geyser using electricity to heat the water, the water will be heated through the collector or tubes.

Solar Geysers with Gas Water Heater Back-Up

Solar geysers with gas water heater back-up

The water heated by the solar panels is fed through the gas water heater into the home. No electricity is utilised. This configuration provides 600 litres of hot water.

Solar to Gas Installation

Solar to gas installation

The plumbing for a solar pre-heated water into a gas geyser configuration.

Groblersdal Game Farm - Water Supplied from Borehole Tank

Water supplied from borehole tank

Solar Pre-Heat to Gas Geyser with Manual Bypass

Solar pre-heat to gas geyser with manual bypass

Solar Geyser to Gas Configuration

Solar geyser to gas configuration

Heat Pump to Solar Geyser Configuration

Heat pump to solar geyser configuration